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Quote: “…we may sense that the river of black struggle is people, but it is also the hope, the movement, the transformative power that humans create. So we black people are the river; the river is us. The river is in us, created by us, flowing out of us, surrounding us, recreating us, and the entire nation”.
-Dr. Vincent Harding

The world knows of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Mrs. Rosa Parks, but people know little about the events that propelled them to such fame and recognition. Rivers of Change: The Legacy of Five Unheralded Women in Montgomery and their Struggle for Justice and Dignity©” is about the struggles of five unknown women that were instrumental in starting and ending the Montgomery bus boycott. It is the story of women who reversed a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

"More Than A Bus Ride Tour" and celebration of the
50th Anniversary of the end of segregated seating on
intra-city buses, the ending of the Montgomery Bus
Boycott, and the ending of jim crow laws in America.

Central Missouri State University, November 13,14
Willamette University, Portland, Oregon  January
15-20, 2007

Stanford University, California  January 2007


TheTeacher Resource Kit:

More Than A Bus Ride

developed by Martha Bouyer


The curriculum guide/lesson plan "More than a Bus Ride", uses national standards of American history, Civics,
Government, Economics, and English Language Arts.  National standards allow the guide/lesson plan to cut
across state and curricular boundaries and serves as an  excellent tool for teachers to use as they teach about  the role of the Modern Civil Rights Movement in reshaping the United States and making the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment a reality. The curriculum guide/lesson plan focuses on the impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott on the social, judicial, economic, and political institutions of the United States of America.  Teachers will be able to use the curriculum guide/lesson plan to examine and address local, state, and national issues and the importance of civil rights and civic engagement.

developed by Martha Bouyer.


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